5 Useful ESL Teaching Tips For Every New TEFL Teacher

August 10, 2018

Congratulations on the successful completion of your online TEFL course! You can now teach English as a second language in a foreign country. But, with no prior teaching experience are you perplexed about the ways to get started as a new ESL teacher? Relax. Keeping in mind a few tips is all that you need to do for ensuring a rewarding teaching experience.

Whether you wish to teach in a private language institute or in a public school, ESL teaching can be highly satisfying. But, becoming a good ESL teacher is much more than just having great qualifications. You need to master various concepts and techniques to become a successful English language teacher. Though pursuing an accredited online TEFL course in India can qualify you for high-paying jobs, being in a constant learning process is a must for becoming an effective teacher.

Below are a few useful teaching tips for new TEFL teachers!

TEFL Training in India

Online TEFL Course In India: Top Tips For First-Timer ESL Teachers

  1. Get To Know About Your Students

It’s really important for you to get to know your students. If you can remember your students and their names, they will be much more attentive in class since they will feel valued. Knowing about the background information of your students can help you understand them better. Once you find out their different learning styles, it will help you in effective lesson planning.

  1. Have Ample Backup Activities

Having backup plans can be very helpful if your students go through their study materials quickly or you find out that an activity is not working well. You need to have plan B and C for situations when you recognise that your students are struggling. Watch out your students’ body language and ensure that they understand the topics taught in the class very well.  Having backup activities which connect the past lessons with the current lessons can be very helpful.

  1. Be Open To Suggestions

As a new TEFL teacher, you should always be open to suggestions. This will help you learn from your students and other teachers. Allowing the students to give you suggestions regarding what they wish to learn can be a great way of staying connected. You should even ask the experienced teachers in your workplace to provide you with feedback. Remember; as a teacher, you will always learn and improve.

  1. Set Goals

As someone who had enrolled in TEFL training in India, it goes without saying that you will be familiar with effective classroom management techniques. But, in addition to these techniques, you should even set monthly or weekly goals for your class. Setting such goals will help you stay focused and make lesson planning easier. This can be as simple as increasing vocabulary or something like improving the comfort of the students with the language.

  1. Evaluate Your Teaching

As a new teacher, reflecting on every lesson you teach in the classroom is important. This will help you recognise what worked, what didn’t and how you think you can change the next time. You can seek advice from experienced ESL teachers in your acquaintance or ask advice from TEFL experts online.

So what are you still here for? It’s time to gear up for your adventure as a qualified ESL teacher!