All You Need To Know About Making An ESL Career In South East Asia!

November 14, 2017

Do you like the idea of earning and tasting success by exploring the fascinating culture of Southeast Asia? Looking for places where your command over the English language can open doors to several attractive career opportunities? Opting for ESL jobs in South East Asia can then be your stepping-stone to fund a happening life overseas!

The progressive development of the Southeast nations and the rapid growth of the middle class here, have made Southeast Asia a place ripe with opportunities for people looking for career advancement. These development and growth have led to a region-wide push for English fluency.

English teaching jobs in Southeast Asian countries are some of the most sought-after international teaching positions. Due to the high demand for English teachers, more and more professionals now choose to embark on an ESL career

Read on to learn everything you need to know about making an ESL career in Southeast Asia!

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Why Should You Opt For An ESL Career In South East Asia?

As compared to other countries, teaching English in Southeast Asia can be a more rewarding experience altogether. With a TEFL certification, you can easily qualify for a high-paying job here with little preparation. Moreover, the fascinating culture, the low cost of living and the attractive ESL opportunities throughout this region, make Southeast Asia one of the most popular destinations for English language teaching.

Benefits Of Working As An ESL Teacher In Southeast Asia

With a TEFL certification, candidates can avail numerous benefits by working as an ESL teacher in various private schools and international schools. Some of the benefits you can avail are-

  • Attractive salary packages
  • Free accommodation
  • Several opportunities for career development
  • Great support
  • Make a positive impact on the life of others

Top 4 Places To Teach English In Southeast Asia

  1. Thailand
  2. There are literally numerous ESL teaching jobs for candidates with the right qualifications in Thailand. Your salary package will depend on your experience, qualifications and the school you work for. Consider trying out different schools before making any decision.

  3. Malaysia
  4. English teachers in Malaysia get rewarded with a superbly vibrant mix of religion and culture, amazing scenery, delicious food and incredible teaching experience. With ESL learners ranging from those learning the alphabets to university students studying advanced grammar, Malaysia offers plentiful English teaching jobs.

  5.  Indonesia
  6. With the tourism industry in Indonesia growing at a rapid pace, the requirement for English speaking candidates is increasing day by day. This has led to the demand for qualified English teachers. The majority of ESL jobs are in Jakarta and you can find many schools here that are ready to offer attractive salaries.

  7. Vietnam

    The booming tourism industry and a significant increase in foreign investment, has motivated the younger generation in Vietnam to learn English. This has led to an increase in attractive jobs and competitive salaries for qualified ESL teachers. What makes Vietnam your ideal destination is that the salary packages are quite high as compared to other Southeast Asian countries.

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