Conducting Interviews In The ESL Classroom To Help Learners Prepare For Jobs

March 19, 2018

Pursuing an accredited TEFL course from a recognised institute can benefit you in more ways than one. Doing a comprehensive course can encourage the development of a range of skills- from social and emotional to a thirst for knowledge. And, the biggest benefit you can avail is the ability to get prepared for job interviews!

Renowned TEFL institutes enhance the listening and speaking skills of their students by conducting interviews. Students are encouraged to interview their peers, parents and professionals who are working in their dream ESL career. To help their learners come up with great questions, leading teacher training institutes make conducting interviews a part of their learning process. Moreover, to help their students gain the expertise of conducting great interviews, they use various apps and web tools.

Here are a few ways TEFL institutes use interviews in their curriculum!

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Ways Interview Activities Are Used In ESL Classrooms To Help Students Prepare For Better Jobs

  1. Discussing Formats

Interviews appear in numerous formats. While you may already know about a few forms, the course will help you learn about other formats too. For instance, you may already be familiar with celebrities being interviewed on news channels but not on a talk show or a sports channel.

By asking you to watch different interview formats, you will be taught what constitute good manners. This will help you learn skills like- being organised, listening carefully, not taking too much time while answering, saying thank you, etc. By helping you learn these manners, a comprehensive online TEFL course in India can help you in making a good impression at the time of job interviews.

  1. Preparing For The Interview

Before asking you to conduct interviews with your, friends and professionals, the trainers will help you prepare to ensure that the interviews are successful. You will be asked to think about the purpose of the interview and consider the type of information you wish to get from the interview. Knowing the purpose of the interview will help you in preparing useful questions which are to the point.

  1. Brainstorming Questions

The process of brainstorming will start with listing down the questions which need to be asked in the interview. Once you have listed down the questions which you want to ask in the interview, you will be asked to organise them. To organise the list of questions, you must:-

  • Begin with informational questions
  • Move on to questions which help you understand the person
  • Go on with the personal questions

Organising these questions will further help you in understanding what’s asked in job interviews and prepare accordingly.

  1. Conducting Interviews

To help you prepare for the ultimate job interview, the trainers will give you examples either through videos or conduct interviews right in front of you. You will then be given enough time in the classroom to conduct interviews. Ensure that you keep your purpose in mind and take notes throughout the interview. Once you are done interviewing, your trainers will discuss the entire experience.

Now, don’t you think that undertaking an accredited TEFL course can indeed be beneficial? Time to enrol in a renowned training institute!