Give Edge to Your Career with TESOL Advanced Certification

September 29, 2016

TESOL, which stands for Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages, is a certification with which you can travel abroad and teach English to people of different ages and professions. If you are looking for a prospective career in teaching or if you are an active teacher looking to expand your horizons, you can enrol for a TESOL certification course. One of the most popular courses is the TESOL Advanced Certification program, which can enable you to teach English as a second language to non-native speakers. This is a self paced but interactive online course of a duration of 80 hours. Here you can learn the different lesson planning techniques for the class, apart from detailed theoretical knowledge of classroom teaching.

TESOL Advanced Certification

There are numerous benefits of enroling for a TESOL Advanced Certification course. Through this course, candidates are taught how to plan and implement different classroom teaching techniques. Sometimes it can be intimidating for teachers to enter a room full of unknown people and conversing with them. But a course in this field can help you understand the nuances of teaching and can teach you how to deal with different situations inside a classroom.

A TESOL course helps build the confidence of teachers and empowers them to engage the students through effective teaching methods. Students can be shy when it comes to asking the teacher about their queries and it is only with proper guidance and nurturing that students get to understand what the teacher is trying to convey. Learn to establish a seamless communication with the students through the TESOL course. Assessing and monitoring the progress of students is also an essential part of teaching people and the course also helps you learn how to do it properly.

The Advanced certification program is broken down into small understandable modules which you can learn easily. Being an online course, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. You can basically learn at your own pace and also track your progress through the built-in assessments provided with the course. Candidates are also provided with learning materials to get more in-depth theoretical knowledge about the teaching process.

This certification allows you to teach English to different people, ranging from little kids to business professionals who need a knowledge of the language. And each category of students need to be dealt with differently. You cannot apply the same teaching process for both the children and the adults and that is exactly what a certification course helps you learn. You get to know the most effective lesson building methods for each kind of students.

Upon completion of all the modules covered in the course (80 hours of training), you are awarded a certificate which is valid worldwide. Job placement is also on the cards for potential candidates, thus opening up new opportunities for people. English is a widely used language nowadays and a TESOL certificate will help you boost your career instantly. People with a certification in this field are more in demand among English training institutes and universities over the world.