Got Certified From A TEFL Institute? Know The Top ESL Destinations

February 23, 2019

So, you have recently earned your TEFL certification from a leading institute. Now what? Are you craving adventure with the desire of meeting new people and exploring foreign culture? Working as an ESL teacher can be the key to teach and travel abroad with a high-paying job. Wondering how to get started and taste success while travelling abroad? Read on.

Whether you are a teacher seeking a job abroad or a fresher looking for great career opportunities, getting TEFL certified can be highly beneficial.  Obtaining a TESOL certification can be a lucrative way to develop teaching skills, enhance your career prospects and target a rewarding job with satisfying salary. After completing an accredited TESOL course from the best TEFL training institute in India, you can qualify for lucrative jobs in Asia, European nations, the Gulf States as well as Latin America.

Here’re the top countries to teach English abroad!

Life After Getting Certified From a Top TEFL Institute in India: 4 ESL Destinations For a Comfortable Living

  1. China

Home to almost one-fifth of the world’s population, it’s no wonder that China has the largest ESL job market in the world. There is a massive demand for qualified English teachers in the country. Owing to its vast size, the country has a lot to offer in several categories- from the age group you can teach to where you want to work. Depending on your career goals, you can choose to teach in quiet villages, massive metropolises or somewhere in between.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is much more than a tourist destination with stunning mountains, tropical beaches, cascading waterfalls and spectacular scenery. Regarded as one of the fastest growing ESL markets, it’s not surprising that the country attracts people from various part of the world to teach overseas. What makes Thailand a favourite destination of many ESL teachers is that even with a generous salary, one can lead a comfortable salary.

  1. Spain

Ever since time immemorial, English speakers have been attracted to Spain. Counted as the most popular country in Europe for teaching overseas, ESL teachers can be assured of a highly lucrative career here. Spain is the ideal place for beginners to gain teaching experience for a prosperous TEFL career. The country has a great infrastructure which supports various sports like tennis, basketball, skiing, assuring you of a healthier living when working here.

  1. Japan

Japan has mandated English as a subject in its public schools. Students in the country need to learn and study English until high school, leading to numerous opening for English teaching jobs. Japan offers qualified ESL teachers the opportunity to live in both ancient and modern world along with a range of teaching abroad programs. Since teaching jobs in this country tend to be more competitive than the ones in other countries, getting certified from a leading TEFL Institute in India can be very helpful.

Now that you are aware of the best destinations for teaching abroad, what are you, what are you still here for? Start applying for the teaching positions in the top countries for a bright ESL career ahead!