Got Your TESOL Certification Recently? 4 ESL Teaching Tips For You

May 24, 2018

Congratulations on obtaining your TEFL certification! You are all set to take on the role of an ESL teacher and teach students who don’t speak English. But, as someone who’s new to teaching, are you perplexed about what to keep in mind while stepping into the classroom? Wondering how to be a successful ESL teacher? Read on.

Becoming a good teacher is more than just having a university degree, high salary packages and the commitment to live and teach in a foreign place. It is about mastering the various basic concepts and ideas which can help you become a good teacher. Though getting certified from a reputed TEFL Institute in India can indeed help you to aspire for a prosperous ESL career, you need to know that as a new teacher you will be on a constant learning process.

Here are a few top tips to help teachers who are new to ESL teaching!

TESOL Certification In Mumbai: Few Useful Tips For New ESL Teachers

  1. Bond With Other ESL Teachers

In all probability, you will be working with a teaching assistant or a local co-teacher, unless you are the teacher of a tiny tot school. You will be surrounded by several other native English speaking teachers in the faculty room. Talk to them and try to develop a bonding with them. These teachers will help you navigate this new area and may even assist you in planning your lessons or managing difficult resources.

  1. Play Games With Your Students

Throughout Asia, the gaming culture is massive – both among adults and children. Instead of struggling to keep your students off their gaming devices or smartphones, try to make use of them. Think of innovative ways in which you can bring games into the classroom and even integrate them into the lessons you are planning to teach.

Get along with your students and find out what your students are interested in so that you can create games and lesson plans accordingly. Get creative and recycle the games to use them with different vocabulary and grammar points from the curriculum.

  1. Assign Homework

Parents all over the world like to see that teachers have assigned homework. However, you need to keep in mind that your students are already loaded with homework from other teachers. In such situations, it is always wise to be a teacher who is not only appreciated by patients but even loved by students. Reduce the actual homework load of your students by allowing your students to complete their assigned work in the class. You may even assist students who require a little extra help.

  1. Maintain Variety And Consistency

Classroom routines often go a long way. Beginning and ending every class in similar ways may create standards which students can expect. Break this consistency by having few monthly or weekly events like snack party or discussions so that your students can have something to look forward to. Not only will this variety make classroom teaching interesting, but also help you interact with your students. However, you must ensure that these activities don’t get boring.

With these useful hacks at your fingertips, what are you still thinking of? Implement these in your classroom and be the successful ESL teacher you have always dreamt of being!