TEFL Course In India: Should You Get Certified Online Or On-Site?

July 26, 2018

Getting TEFL certified can work wonders in maximising professional success if you take the plunge to work as an English teacher abroad. But, with the availability of a myriad of courses, are you wondering whether to complete an online course or attend an in-person program? Read on.

Regardless of what your qualification and experience are, TEFL courses are beneficial for all. When considering where to obtain a TEFL certification from, one of the first choices which you have to make is whether to pursue an online course or enrol in an in-class program. While it’s true that are pros and cons to both, you need to decide what works best for you. Be it your budget or preferences, you need to join a TEFL institute in India which caters to all your needs.

Wondering how to ensure if you are picking the best option? Read on.

Enrol In An Online Course If You Want Flexibility

Dedicating to a full-time course is indeed difficult if you are someone who is juggling studies and job. Going the online route can be a wiser option in such cases. This is because the biggest advantage you can reap by taking up an online course is that you will be able to complete assignments at anytime from anywhere.

Choose An On-Site Program If You Want Teaching Practicum

Most on-site courses focus on practical teaching applications and include teaching practicum, offering candidates the opportunity to practice their teaching skills on students. Getting more of a feel for teaching just before head abroad can be really great since you will get feedback from experienced trainers. Exposure to teaching can even help you feel a bit more confident on the first day in your new ESL classroom.

Join An Online Course If You Wish To Save Money

When it comes to choosing the right program, cost is indeed a significant factor. And, in comparison to the in-class courses, online programs can be a more cost-friendly option for you. Other than the fees of the course, you need to budget for additional costs like transportation, food and accommodation. These secondary costs can add up the total costs. Remember; the fees for online courses vary depending on their duration and the type of course you are joining.

Depending On What Your Interests Are, Choose The Right Course

When you take up an accredited online TEFL Course in India, you will have more time for delving into topics which interest you. You will be managing your time itself and be able to read more about certain points which you want to learn more about or find useful. Similarly, you will be able to spend less time going over the concepts you have grasped.

Getting TEFL certified is a fundamental step in qualifying for teaching jobs abroad. Thus, it’s important for you to do some homework beforehand while researching programs for making an informed decision. Consider looking into the requirements good employers are interested in for ensuring that you earn the qualification which gives you a competitive edge over others.

Time to take up an accredited TEFL course!