The Importance Of TESOL Certification For Teaching English In China

July 3, 2017

Are you on the lookout for job opportunities where you can teach English to non-native speakers? Getting a TESOL/TEFL certification can then be your best way to kick-start a promising career in English teaching. With a number of countries turning to be more difficult to work nowadays, opting for ESL jobs in China can be a wise decision. Don’t believe us? Read on then to know what makes China the ideal workplace!

English teaching opportunities have been rapidly expanding throughout the world and China is no longer an exception. Such vast are the opportunities there that there has been a significant rise in the number of English language teachers working in China. This has made it one of the most popular and preferred destinations among teachers willing to teach English to non-native speakers.


Still wondering about the effect of pursuing a TEFL course for English language teaching in China? Keep reading to know everything about teaching English in China!

Benefits Of Obtaining TESOL Certification

As a TEFL qualified English teacher in China you can avail numerous benefits like-

  • 6 to 8 weeks of paid holidays every year
  • Free transportation, accommodation and utilities
  • Reimbursed airfares
  • Bonus packages on the successful completion of a 12-month contract
  • Free cultural and language lessons

Why Should You Teach In China?

With the growth of English as a global language, there has been an increase in demand of English language teachers in China. This leads to numerous job opportunities for candidates with TESOL/TEFL certifications. The Chinese are learning English for-

  1. Making progress in their career
  2. Competing in the global marketplace
  3. Enhancing their communication skills
  4. Improving Business Prospects

General Remuneration

As an English teacher who has obtained TESOL certification, you can be assured of high-paying ESL jobs in China. Depending on what your total teaching experience is and the kind of school you are teaching in, salaries can vary to a great extent. You will either have housing facilities or a housing allowance will be provided to you.

Here’s how much you can earn*-

  • Monthly remuneration- 6,000 – 16,000 CNY
  • Hourly private tutoring- 150 – 250 CNY
  • Rate of interest- 3 – 25%


Types Of ESL Jobs In China

  1. Private Tutoring:
    There has been a gradual increase in demand of TEFL certified teachers among parents who want their children to master the language before going to overseas for higher studies. This means that you even have additional income opportunities outside your usual teaching hours.
  2. Public Schools:
    If you prefer fewer working hours, this can be ideal for you with more frequent holidays. While the class size can go up to 50, you will live in an apartment near the school and have the privilege to create your own lesson plans.
  3. Private Language Schools:
    Depending on the organisation you choose to work, the age of your students may vary. You will have a set curriculum, a network of support and guidelines on ways to manage the classroom. What’s more, private schools are one of the highest paying ESL jobs.

Teaching In China

Be ready to explore various new teaching styles as you are expected to teach in casual, interesting and friendlier ways. You will have a chance to be a part of a very welcoming community and gain various first-hand teaching tips along with valuable connections. In short, you can be assured of a rewarding experience while working in China.

Living In China

Your savings will largely depend on the lifestyle you lead during your stay. People who prefer a western-style life can easily avail coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, etc. For candidates willing to make links with the local culture, local food and lifestyle, life will be relatively cheaper.

Now that you know everything about teaching English in China, what are you still waiting for? Quickly get enrolled in reputed TESOL institute and start aspiring for a prosperous career ahead!