What Makes An Accredited TEFL Course A Great Investment For All?

November 23, 2018

Do you wish to move abroad for teaching English? But, are you perplexed whether or not you should take a TEFL/TESOL course? Not sure if undergoing such a program will be worth the money and time? Trust us; pursuing a TEFL course from a reputed institute can be the key to a prosperous teaching career in the future.

Whether you are a fresher, a working professional or a retired person, making a career in English teaching can be highly rewarding. Taking a good TESOL course lets you do something different with your life. From making money while travelling around the world to doing many crazy things, a career in ESL can be the experience of a lifetime. Moreover, most schools around the world seek teachers who are TEFL certified.

Listed below are a few good reasons which make these accredited courses worth your investment!

TEFL Course India

4 Major Reasons Why Pursuing A TEFL Course In India Can Be A Great Investment

  1. Ability To Gain Confidence And Valuable Skills

Taking a TESOL course is much more than just having a degree. When you join a recognised TEFL institute in India, you will learn various useful skills like classroom management, lesson planning, teaching methodology, etc. Each of these skills will give you confidence and help you lead your students to success when you step into the classroom.

  1. Billions Are Learning English Worldwide

As per a recent research, more than 1 billion people are learning English all throughout the world. Experts believe this number will double up in the next five years. This demand for learning English worldwide has created numerous new job opportunities for qualified English teachers. And, with a TEFL certificate in your cap, you can make the most of this opportunity.

  1. Opportunity To Explore Foreign Countries

When you pursue a TEFL course in India, it will open doors to attractive job opportunities worldwide. As a TESOL certified teacher, you will get the chance to explore other countries just like a local. For instance, if you wish to live and explore Japan, the certification enables you to do so. If you are planning to learn a foreign course, a TEFL certificate course can make it possible.

  1. Qualify For High-Paying Jobs With Great Perks

TEFL certified teachers earn higher salaries in comparison to those who do not have this certificate. While it’s true that the salary of a teacher depends on the country he/she is teaching, every ESL job comes with great perks. This allows you to lead a comfortable lifestyle and even save a significant amount of money after every pay-check.

Working in countries like China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan which offer high salaries can be highly beneficial. This is because; they have a relatively low cost of living in comparison to the Western nations. Many employers even provide paid roundtrip, free housing and health insurance for their teachers.

A TEFL course can enable you to move abroad, meet new people and explore the world – all while earning a decent salary. Time to join a recognised institute!