Why is Opting for TEFL Training in India Mandatory For Teaching Abroad

February 5, 2018

As a fluent English speaker with a good educational background, do you think you are capable of teaching English? Wondering what makes getting TEFL qualified so important for teaching abroad?  Read on to know why becoming TEFL/TESOL certified is significant for an international ESL career!

Do You Need a TEFL Certification To Teach Abroad?

The simplest answer to this question is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Depending on what you wish to get out of your international teaching experience, you may choose whether to opt for a TEFL course. You may find few schools in some countries which are ready to hire candidates even without any TESOL certification.

However, you must keep in mind that in most instances you will be hired as an English instructor who entails teaching 4-5 classes every day. As an untrained educator, you should even be prepared for getting lower wages as compared to trained teachers.

Teaching isn’t an easy task and doing it without having any prior training can make you a stressed, unprepared teacher. Opting for TEFL certification can thus be the key to become an enthusiastic and organised teacher who actually helps students in improving their English skills.

TEFL training in India

Few Good Reasons Why Opting For A TEFL Training Is Recommended

  1. TEFL Certification Qualifies You For Better Jobs

Though the majority of teacher training programs vary significantly, most English language institutes and schools overseas seek qualified candidates who possess TEFL certification. You will find this to be a standard requirement in most cases, qualifying you for more and better jobs. With a recognised TEFL certification, you will even qualify for jobs with attractive salary packages.

  1. Helps You Gain Specialised Skills

Teaching English as a second language to students is just like any other subject that requires a particular set of skills and knowledge. Be it teaching a classroom of school students or teaching adults in a language institute, you need to possess certain skills to teach effectively.

Joining an institute which specialises in offering TEFL training in India can be your ideal way to ensure that you explicitly develop the skills of teaching English. You will be able to develop English teaching skills in areas like classroom management, lesson planning and development, teaching methodologies, visual aids, grammar, etc.

  1. Thoroughly Prepares You For Job Interviews

During the interviews for most teaching jobs, potential recruiters will ask you specific questions relating to classroom management, teaching practices and effective lesson planning in the context of teaching English. Articulating an in-depth knowledge of TEFL-related concepts and terminologies during the interview is important to ensure that you make the most of the job opportunities.

  1. Boosts Your Resume

As an aspiring ESL teacher, it’s important for you to be able to teach students belonging to diverse backgrounds. Undergoing a recognised EFL training program can help you focus on language methodologies, phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, intonation and make you a more knowledgeable educator. By developing these skills, you will even have a positive impact on all your students.

So what are you still waiting for? Join a renowned training institute and earn a TEFL certification to make a difference in others’ lives!