Why Should You Opt For A TEFL Course With Practice Teaching?

February 12, 2019

So you’ve finally decided to make a career in ESL teaching and enrol in a TESOL institute to get you on your way to teaching English abroad. Great! But, with tons of programs to chose from, are you wondering how to sign-up for the right course? Opting for a course which includes practice teaching in its curriculum can be your most informed choice.

A successful teacher is one who evokes emotion, engagement and inspires students to perform better. And, to be an effective ESL teacher, getting TEFL certified by a leading teacher training institute is important. Your internationally recognised TESOL course gives you the opportunity to study the best theories and strategies which help you get a competitive edge over other candidates when you apply for an ESL job. Pursuing an accredited online TEFL course in India can thus be very beneficial.

Here’s why it is important for you to pursue a course which includes teaching practicum!

TEFL Course in India

4 Good Reasons Why You Should Pursue A TEFL Course In India With Teaching Practice

  1. Conquer Your Stage Fright

When entering your first ESL classroom, the last thing you will ever want is to freeze in front of the learners due to anxiety and lack of teaching experience. Pursuing a TEFL course with practice teaching can be the ideal way to get over your stage fright when you step into an active classroom. The teaching experience will give you the confidence to walk into an ESL classroom like a pro.

  1. Learn To Improvise

When you teach a real classroom, it’s just you and the students and even with the most careful planning, there’s always some room for errors. For example, some grammar points may need extra explanation, fun activities can go long or a question asked by a student may redirect the entire lesson. Getting TEFL certified can not only prepare you with innovative teaching ideas, but also help you learn the ways to improvise or manage such kinds of situations.

  1. Add Practicum Teaching Experience To Your CV

Student teaching as a part of your internationally recognised TEFL course in India is the best way to access more job flexibility when you graduate with a certificate. Practice teaching can not only help you get an edge over other candidates during an ESL job interview, but also help you qualify for high-paying English teaching jobs. Pursuing a TESOL course with teaching practice can thus boost your resume.

  1. Feel The Energy

To become the favourite teacher of students, the skill of reading and responding is very important. Practice teaching experience can help you gain confidence, feel the energy of the students a classroom and go with the flow. Furthermore, this will help you in confining to your curriculum demands when going with the flow of your students’ energy.

Signing up for an online TEFL course with teaching practice is the key to acquire the delicate teaching skills which will help you in becoming an effective teacher. What are you still here for? It’s time to join a reputed teacher training institute!