Working As An ESL Teacher- A Great Experience For Every Age Group

June 25, 2018

Do you know that making a teaching career abroad can be a brilliant experience? Well, earning a TEFL certification can be the key to a bright career ahead. But, are you wondering if you are too young or old to teach English abroad? Trust us; teaching English abroad can be a rewarding experience for people of all age groups.

Technically, there is no defined cut off age for being too old or young to teach English as a second or foreign language overseas. But, overall if you are under 18, there are high chances that it will be an unrealistic endeavour. However, if you are above 18 years, teaching English abroad is indeed possible. Once you join a recognised TEFL Institute in India, thrilling adventures lay ahead, not only inside but even outside of the ESL classroom.

Read on to know about the great experience qualified ESL teachers can have all around the world.

TEFL Course India

Generation Y (Age 18 to 35)

With 18 being the youngest possible age for teaching English overseas, people between the age group of 18 and 35 are almost free from all kinds of age limitations. This is because they fall within the standard legal working age range. Teachers aged between 18 and 35 can easily find positions in private language academies and public schools. Teachers in this age range are usually preferred for teaching young learners since much enthusiasm and energy is needed.

Generation X (Age 35 to 50)

Just like the teachers between 18 and 35, even ESL teachers who are within the age range of 35 to 50, fall within the legal working range for most countries abroad. Though people within this group will no longer be eligible for youth-focused programs, their life and work experience will certainly be of great value when switching into the life overseas. This experience will make their application stand out during the job interviews of private and public ESL academies and schools.

Seniors (Age 50+)

Teaching ESL abroad can be a very exciting career change and be a remarkable way to approach and enjoy retirement. Mature ESL educators remain open to exploring many ESL destinations. Native students can hugely benefit from the life and work experience of qualified ESL teachers who have pursued TEFL Course in India and are over 50. Even visa requirements for certain countries tend to be more lenient for people of this age group.

Now that you are aware of everything, don’t you think that teaching ESL can indeed be a rewarding experience for all? Time to take up an accredited TEFL course!